Making a difference

Investing is our core business. By supplying capital and knowledge we help companies grow, sell their products, provide more jobs, and continue to be successful. But we also want to contribute to the greater good in the society where we belong.

We are involved in a large and growing number of charitable projects, from encouraging young entrepreneurs, to supporting vital efforts in health and medicine, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability. It may not be our core business, but it’s our care business. And we conduct it both globally and locally. From helping to improve living conditions in the small Romanian village of Siria, contributing to fight the rising threat to biodiversity in wildlife, oceans and nature, and actively working to change the image of Borås through several larger donations for artistic installations and cultural initiatives.

Fabric of Life Award

Celebrating extraordinary achievements in textile design, innovation, and sustainability, this yearly award serves as an inspiration to the global community of the textile industry.

Sculptures in the Congress Hall

A giant popcorn and a golden boy on a rocking horse gild the new Congress Hall in Borås, where a rich cultural life is a contributing factor to a city's success story.

Abecita Pop Art & Photo

When the private collection outgrew the home of Bengt and Berit Swegmark, this museum was born, exhibiting photography and graphic art, along with textile art.

Foundation for Transplantation and Cancer Research

Supporting research and development in the field of transplantation of organs in the human body and the disease groups where transplantation is part of the treatment.


Leading and coordinating international efforts to protect refugees worldwide. Active since 1950 and unfortunately even more important today.


A values-based and independent cooperation working to enable people to lift themselves out of poverty and exclusion through their own efforts.

House of Knowledge

With the addition of Jaume Plensa's 8-meter-tall sculpture "House of Knowledge", Borås now has the foremost contemporary sculpture collection in Sweden. The sculpture radiates quality and design completely in line with the University of Borås.

Kraftens Hus

No one should have to be alone with cancer. This meeting place supports both cancer victims and relatives, offering support, information and activities.

World Wide Fund for Nature

WWF is the world's largest conservation organization, founded in 1961 to work in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment.

Kidney Foundation

Founded in 2008 to provide financial support for individuals suffering from kidney disease, contributing to scientific research and in close collaboration with MOD supporting measures to increase the number of donors for kidney disease.

Healthy Ocean and Seas

Our oceans are fundamental to all life on Earth. They produce more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe and are home to 80% of all life on our planet. Our oceans face threats from unsustainable fishing methods, marine debris, and acidification—all leading to the collapse of our marine ecosystems. The goal is clear, we need to protect the largest ecosystem on earth.

Baltic Salmon Fund

The Baltic Sea is one of the world's most polluted seas. The foundation aims to support long-term sustainable management of wild salmon and trout in the Baltic and its waterways.

Devil Whirls

When Borås celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2021, this magnificent sculpture by artist Alice Aycock was a present to the city where public art has become a popular trademark.

ANP Network Romania

We believe that cycles of generational poverty can be broken through holistic community development through education, empowerment and employment.


Catafalque, the lazy student, is a sculpture by artist Sean Henry located in front of the University of Borås. It was rescued to stay in Borås through a donation by Paul Frankenius and Joakim Hedin.

Wildlife Preservation

Healthy ecosystems provide us with a wealth of natural resources, support our food systems, water cycles, and many other ecosystem services. In order to preserve ecosystems, urgent action, research and technology is needed to restore habitats, protect and prevent the extinction of threatened species.

Doctors Without Borders

Brave and determined, Doctors Without Borders have helped civilian victims in the world’s worst humanitarian crises, natural disasters and armed conflicts since 1971.

MOD – Mer Organdonation

The influential advocate for everyone in Sweden waiting for an organ transplant, relentlessly working to ensure that no one dies while waiting for a new organ.