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Deadwood – reinventing how we think about fashion

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Are Deadwood leather jackets environmentally sustainable? Deadwood’s leather jackets are made of 100% recycled leather. But, this is a difficult question to answer since the concept of “sustainability” depends  on so many factors.

Would it be possible to scale up this production into infinity? No, obviously our production relies on the previous production of leather garments (which is usually quite strenuous on the environment). But we believe it’s always a good thing to make use of existing resources that would otherwise have gone to waste.

We are not zero polluting, no business or person is. That being said, compared to a new leather jacket from any brand out there (or a garment made from cotton or polyester for that matter), our jackets are made from 100% recycled leather which cuts the impact on the environment into only a fraction. That’s why we think our project is good for the world.

Millions of tons of leather already exist out there. Instead of throwing away ugly garments and then kill new animals for their hide in order to create new more “fashionable” products, Deadwood skips the bloody middle step and takes it directly from ugly garments, crafting them into stunning new products without a single animal coming to harm in between.

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