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Frankenius Equity initiate Healthcare Foundation together with Faktum

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Frankenius Equity initiate Faktum Healthcare Foundation

What started in 1994 as a personal insight for kidney patient Paul Frankenius has now evolved into the newly formed Factum Healthcare Foundation, where sick people of small means can receive financial help for necessary treatment and medicine.

The foundation is run in cooperation with the street newspaper Faktum, and for 2018 Frankenius Equity allocates 100 000 Swedish crowns.
Many homeless have difficulty in getting proper medical care and help. The lack of money is a crucial factor, but also the hassle of going to a health center or a dentist may pose great obstacles. Without clean clothes you hesitate to even enter the waiting room. And medicine is expensive, even when subsidized. Also, earlier traumas in life may contribute for many to wait a long time before seeking help.

When Paul Frankenius was hospitalised in 1994 due to severe kidney problems, he realized that his fellow patient next to him did not follow the doctor's prescription of medicines. The man could simply not afford the amount of medicin needed, and instead ransoned the expensive tablets. As a consequence, the patient's body did not respond to the treatment. And the man in question was not alone in his predicament. Paul subsequently discovered several other fellow patients who could not afford the proper medication.

Paul's willingness to help his fellow patients was initially expressed in the form of discreet financial contributions to the hospital's curators who could provide help to individual patients. Soon thereafter, the Foundation for Nursing Disease was created, which in addition to contributions to research also provides financial support to people who have been put in financial dire straits due to diagnosis and disease.

The cooperation with the street newspaper Faktum is based on the same humanistic approach.

Faktumgalan 2018 i Göteborg på Stadsteatern. Foto: Björn Olsson

Disease can strike blindly and affect anyone regardless of life situation and wallet. The income that Faktum sellers receive by selling the magazine has to cover many of lifes necessities. Our goal is to help more people not needing to choose between food, other necessities and medicine.

Getting by on small margins in conditions where cold weather, hygiene and constant stress forces one to constantly be on the move can create considerably more difficult diagnoses, than for those who can immediately go to a healthcare center or dentist. Through Faktums Vårdfond, more people can receive treatment as soon as possible and also afford to take the medicine as prescribed. The foundation is associated with companies in the healthcare sector which with their professional capacity help vulnerable people when public care is insufficient.

We hope that more people with the help of Vårdfonden will be able to seek care faster for minor illnesses before they become way too serious.

Faktumgalan 2018 i Göteborg på Stadsteatern. Foto: Björn Olsson

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