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Frankenstorm wants to give each individual an opportunity to create something personal

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You are you and nobody else. You enjoy fashion and do not want to dress like everyone else. You also want to do what you can for the future of the planet. But to combine individualism, fashion and sustainability - is that even possible?

Our answer is simple: Frankenstorm. A new fashion brand where the client is also the designer. Using a smart configuration tool, clothes and accessories are made unique by applying individual printed details. The design configurator allows for a wide range of fonts, colors and artworks.

Frankenstorm is far from a monster, but has all the makings for great success in the tough fashion competition. By offering every customer the opportunity to put his or her unique personal touch on a piece of clothing or accessories, Frankenstorm takes a new position on the market. Sure, there are many who sell personalized t-shirts. But never at the premium level that Frankenstorm plans to offer.

In a first step, Frankenstorm focuses on t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories such as bags, wallets, mobile phone and laptop cases. All products on the company's website can be personalized by the individual customer, who can design a totally unique piece of clothing or accessories using text and different kinds of artwork. The end result is a high quality garment that nobody else has, and a favourite to handle with care and pride.

"We want to give each individual an opportunity to create something personal at the cutting edge of fashion with as little environmental impact as possible," says CEO Teresa Enander, who is launching Frankenstorm together with her four employees. The team has a strong belief in a world of individual people, and where the fashion industry can be more sustainable. "We love fashion but we don't want to contribute to wasting resources and harming the environment. Therefore, we offer something many people really want and will keep for a long time: the most sustainable option."

"The main target group is urban individuals of a mental age around 25 - and who likes to use fashion as a mean for self expression." The style is inspired by youth culture with influences from sportswear, street wear and hip hop. Among inspirators Teresa mentions brands such as Comme des Garcons, Supreme and Ganni, and designers like Virgil Abloh and his fashion house Off-White. Quick deliveries are expected by this customer group and Frankenstorm strives to ship the products 1-3 days after the customer placed the order online.

For her own first order of one yellow t-shirt, one black hoodie and one smartphone case, Teresa chose her favourite message: "Be brave, not perfect".

The idea of combining personalization, fashion, quality and sustainability comes from the founder Paul Frankenius and Frankenstorm is fully owned by Frankenius Equity.

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